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B.J. KIM Lab. - Micro Components & Systems for Nano/Molecular Engineering CIRMM, IIS, The University of Tokyo. Dept. of Precision Eng. Advanced NEMS Lab. ( Micromachined Tools for Investigation of Nanoworld/ Nano/bio-sensing)

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We focus on interdisciplinary research about local “bottom-up” surface modification using functional self-assembled monolayers and “top-down” approaches for micro/nano patterning technologies. Key technologies concentrate on high-resolution surface patterning with simple, low-cost techniques such as micro-contact printing and micro even nano shadow-masks. Based on these study on nano/micro components and systems for the fabrication of novel nano devices, we investigate to develop various micro sensors for biological applications such as i) MEMS device for electrical/physical characterization of single cell, ii) single cell elctroporation microchip for gene transfection, iii) nano devices (nanoheater) for high-speed, localized temperature control in single molecule studies, etc.

A single biomolecule, DNA now draws much attention, since relevant dimension of nanometer level chips are possible to be made by nano fabrication techniques. Among many DNA analysis devices, recently nanochannel is highlighted as it provides a proper platform based on DNA stretch phenomenon. We will continue on the development of complete fabrication of these nanochannels and deep investigation with various DNA or enzyme.

Another our investigation is to develop various functional nanowires especially for bio-sensor applications. Nanowire has attracted much interest as essential parts for functional electronics devices because of its potential applications in nanoelectronics and highly sensitive biosensor. Although research on the fabrication of nanowire using synthesis based bottom-up approaches has led to considerable achievements to date, the top-down fabrication with lithographic way still needs more efforts due to high-cost, parametric difficulties.